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There's this letter in a post box... And a bunch of manuscripts up for evaluation. By the looks of it it's sometime in the evening. Or maybe morning? And what is it with all the windows?

Kameleon is a short story adventure game about phone calls, letters and jazz. It's developed with Unity for Windows, OSX and Linux.

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Mac: 100 mb download / 1,35 gb installed size

Linux: 100 mb download / 1,35 gb installed size

Windows: 135 mb download / 1.5 gb installed size

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Psychological adventure Kameleon is interesting both for its artistic visuals and storyline. Both together then creates a specific atmosphere of the French thriller, almost with a cinematic touch.

There are at least two different endings, both equally cryptic. The ambience is fantastic – distant chatter, passing cars, and buzzing lights; the urban setting and cinematography reminiscent of Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

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Kameleon features jazz and classical music.

Duke Ellington songs

"Black and Tan Fantasy" was composed by Ellington and Bubber Miley in 1927. It was also featured in the 1929 film Black and Tan.

"Creole Love Call" is a jazz standard, first recorded by Ellington in 1927. The melody appears earlier in the composition "Camp Meeting Blues", by Joe Oliver.

"The Mooche" was composed in 1928 by Ellington and Erving Mills. Both "East St. Louis Doodle-Oo" and "The Mooche" are representatives of Ellingtons early "jungle music".

Listen: Archive / Read more: Wikipedia 1 / 2 / 3

Albumleaf in E, B. 151

Chopins piece from 1843 is a personal favorite. "Album leaf" is the title of a lot of minor compositions by a variety of classical composers. The piece is for pieno solo, short and stunningly beautiful.

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