Eight Bit Skyline
Based in Bergen, Norway

Founding date:
Sometime in 2012


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Eight Bit Skyline is strictly not a company, seeing as there is only one developer. But it is the moniker I have been using for my games and a couple of game jams, and it may turn out to be one, when I release my first commercial game.


The start

Eight Bit Skyline started out sometime around XXXX when I first discovered Adventure Game Studio. A lot of spare time in the following years led to three free games developed with the engine: a slightly bloated noir game with full voice acting, but lacking quality control, and then two other games that were better. By the end of this period I started work on an untitled game with a bigger scope. Unity turned out to be a better fit for this one, so I started learning the ropes with a couple more free games, with all the advantages Unity had to offer. While simulaniously working on my full game I released five free games, three of them jam games.

What is next?

I'm not ready to spill the beans about my big project just yet, but it is getting closer. At its current state the game is pretty much playable to the end, but it is not ready for the world just yet. While I have made a shift toward more nonlinear experiences this one will be pretty straight forward, at least on the surface level.



Above/Below trailer YouTube

While Dreaming trailer YouTube

Kameleon trailer YouTube


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Awards & Recognition

  • "Finalist in Adventure Jam 2017" - GameJolt

Selected Articles

  • "Things constantly move forward and the scenery and characters keep changing as you discover the true destiny binding three seemingly unrelated people together, all the while marveling at the gorgeous art on offer. Everything from the backgrounds to the characters looks absolutely stunning and somehow brilliantly accompanies Chopinís classical compositions."
    - Konstantinos Dimopoulos, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • "... Providence is an accurate punch to the player which knows how to play its cards without deviating even a millimeter from its purpose. In addition, and if for some reason you are looking for an excuse not to play it right away, it is a completely free project, so click on the button they have right here below and enjoy what could easily be a short of The Coen brothers."
    - Juanma, Nivel Oculto
  • "There are at least two different endings, both equally cryptic. The ambience is fantastic with distant chatter, passing cars, and buzzing lights; the urban setting and cinematography reminiscent of Hitchcock's Rear Window."
    - Steve Gill, Gaming Respawn
  • "On an artistic level Off The Record is a delight of bright colors where you can breathe joy and nostalgia."
    - Juanma, Nivel Oculto
  • "In a similar way to Fargo, Providence straddles this line between grandiosity and the common place up until the very end, when the hand of destiny takes over for the human hand gripping a gun."
    - Jess Joho, Killscreen

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Snorre SR

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