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The old man in the highrise apartment. The young boy and his family and his farm. The distant assassin, subway stations, plains, villas.

Providence is an interactive short story drama about three people who share a common destiny, and how they come to find it.

The game is developed with Adventure Game Studio. It features music from The Free Chopin Kickstarter by MusOpen. It's freeware.

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Windows: 125 mb download / 600 mb installed size

Mirrors: /


"Everything from the backgrounds to the characters looks absolutely stunning and somehow brilliantly accompanies Chopin's classical compositions."

Rock, Paper, Shotgun

"Furthermore, if you for some reason still look for an excuse to try it, it is a completely free project, so click on the button below and enjoy what could easily be a short from the Coen brothers."

Nivel Oculto

"In a similar way to Fargo, Providence straddles this line between grandiosity and the common place up until the very end, when the hand of destiny takes over for the human hand gripping a gun."

Kill Screen

"The result is a wonderfully melancholic story of self-experience (...) Anyone who likes to read a short story or enjoy Youtube videos of artists should try their hand at this interdisciplinary work - it is worth it."

Die Welt



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