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Introducing Skumring: The Extra Noir Edition!

Port Horizon 1951. A city on the verge of collapse. Moral collapse. Crime. Corruption. Greed... Money. Join private eye Cooper Chutney on his mission of truth in a city that reeks of lies, deceit and go-go dancers. Solve puzzles and interogate bartenders as you make your way through the city while the sunset comes ever closer.

Download "Extra Noir Edition"

Mirrors: GameJolt.com / Itch.io

- No amateur voice acting
- Film noir black & white graphics
- Improved cutscene system

OS: Windows
Hard disk: 900 mb free space
Installer: 180 mb archive

Download Old Version

Mirror: Dropbox.com

- Original voice acting
- 32 bit color graphics
- Superslow cutscenes

OS: Windows
Hard disk: 1,5 gb free space
Installer: 450 mb archive

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