Now you can play the ultimate version of Skumring!

Port Horizon 1951. A city on the verge of collapse. Moral collapse. Crime. Corruption. Greed... Money.

Join private eye Cooper Chutney on his mission of truth in a city that reeks of lies, deceit and go-go dancers. Solve puzzles and interogate bartenders as you make your way through the city while the sunset comes ever closer.

- Black and white noir graphics!
- Drastically reduced filesize!
- New and improved cutscene system!

- 30+ locations, 15 characters, 40+ inventory items, 2500 lines of dialogue!
- A varied noir soundtrack

Extra Noir Eidtion (.zip):

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Extra Noir Edition (.rar):

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- OS: Win XP/Vista/7
- Graphics: Direct 3D compatible graphics card
- Sound: Any soundcard
- Hard disk: 900 mb free space

Old version: Mirror #1/Mirror #2 (450 mb .Rar file, 1,5 GB free space required)

Extra Noir Edition Release Trailer

Original Version Release Trailer


Cooper Chutney

Cooper Chutney works as a private eye in Port Horizon. He's gotten used to long days and sleepless nights... Without real jobs. His last case was a real adventure - he saved the neighbours cat - from a tree! At the same time one of very few honest and good men left in Port Horizon. That's why he takes this perticular case - even though his gutfeeling says that somethings just off about it.

Betty Boca

Short dark hair, mysterious eyes and a slender figure. Betty is Coopers kryptonite. When she walks into his office a rainy Port Horizon afternoon everything changes and nothing will ever be the same. Even though Betty is lawfully married, there's something about their connection that makes it clear that in a better world they'd be together. But Port Horizon is the opposite of good. And probably even worse than that.

Joseph "The Animal" Maletti

Nicknamed "The Animal" by his own family, Joseph Maletti stands out like the incarnation of the word corrupt. While often seen at his very own night club, he mostly deals in the darker corners and alleys of Port Horizon. His passion? Booze, women and smuggling, preferably all of them at once! Some people say he has made a deal with the devil, but if we are realistic, we know that the devil never would fall into that trap.

Monsieur Toubat

As the owner of the only modern gallery in town with a 24-hour opening time, monsieur Toubat is a well regarded figure in the Port Horizon art scene. His love for everything abstract goes hand in hand with his hate for every side of the capitalist society. Monsieur Toubat detests most of his gallery guests, but don't take it personal, that is just the code this frenchman lives by!

The Kid

Like most metropols Port Horizon also has it's share of bad parenting. Cooper meets The Kid for the first time at an art exhibition in the night time and it becomes abundantly clear that his help will come in handy when solving the case. The only problem is, this kid knows how to get his will. Much like a ventured businessman, The Kid always wants something in return for help, and Cooper is often the one who suffers for it.

Including a whole bunch of other dames and gentlemen, like the following...

... and many more!

Coopers Office
Our heros resting place between difficult cases.
The Inca Theater
An abandoned cinema by the Redemption river.
The Docks
The hub of import and export in Port Horizon.
The Park
One of many beautiful park areas uptown.

... and many more!

The soundtrack for Skumring consists of a variated catalogue of music. There's classical pieces by Dvorak and Grieg, along with great Creative Commons jazz by up and coming artists. The latter includes:

The following tracks are used under a Creative Commons Attribution license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

"St. James Infirmary" by Guillermo 11

"Body and soul" by Corde Andrada Leo Solmer

"In a sentimental mood" by Jahro

"Afro Blue" by John Shaughnessy Trio

"Take Five Improv" by Raiff Ellis

"My Funny Valentine" by elleshell8

"You Don't Know What Love Is" by Victor and the Vegetables

"When I Fall In Love" by The Boulder Big Band

"My Funny Valentine" by Jonathan Wilson

"It Don't Mean A Thing" by Peter_E2

"Round midnight jazz slow" by CBlues

"What Is This Thing Called Love" by Oleg Tsyganov

The following track is used under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/

"Autumn Leaves Baião" by André Meurer

The game also uses Aase's Death from Edvard Griegs amazing Peer Gynt Suite. You can find the whole suite on Musopen.org: https://musopen.org/music/1568/

You can read more about Musopen and their mission here: https://musopen.org/about

The game uses an original rendition of Antonin Dvorak's masterpiece Piano Quintet no. 2 in A major, Op. 81, B. 155.

You can find out more about it on Wikipedia.